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Alfie's Creations - The place for custom CompuLite, Dashcams and more!
Hi! I'm Alfie, i create custom CompuLite mods, Dashcam configs, servers and more!

LSPDFR Profile & Free Releases
Discord Server -

What Do I Offer?
FREE CompuLite XMLs -- FREE CompuLite configurations that i release publically
PAID CompuLite Configurations -- Commissions for CompuLite configs for a small fee tailored to you and to a region of your choosing
High Quality Products -- Paid CompuLite configs in my store (such as TN, UK, Ohio, Idaho, Kentucky, Iowa & Louisiana)
Servers -- Create you a discord server for a small fee (everything included)
Giveaways & Offers -- Giveaways of my paid products & offers on them

What Does My Server Offer?
Support for GTAV & LSPDFR
A friendly and kind community, somewhat active
Opportunity to partner with my server to grow yours and my server
Public WIP Channel to advertise your development
Access to 686 utilities & free-stuff bot to keep track of free games